Estate Planning

It’s something we all need to think about. Let us help you create a legacy your family can live with.

Estate Planning

From wills to trusts, we meet with our clients to explore and discuss a variety of options that are suitable for your personal situation. Effective estate planning can become fairly complex depending upon who is involved and the actual event your family is facing at the time.

When someone passes away in Georgia without a last will and testament, the Georgia Probate Court will dictate who inherits the assets in the estate. 

Determining factors include whether or not there is a surviving spouse, parents, descendants or other relatives, but the entire process can be tied up for months if not years waiting for a resolution.

Having valid estate planning can help your family avoid the delays, costs, and heartache of sorting everything out.

Our attorneys will help you:

  • Establish a valid will
  • Identify an executor
  • Determine if a trust is appropriate
  • Set up Advanced Directives

Call our law firm to begin planning your estate planning today.