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We all need to think about the future. Estate planning can help you make a legacy your family remembers.

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Leaving a legacy behind is something we all want to accomplish. How will those we care for and love remember us? We can’t help answer all the questions you have about what comes after for your family, but we can help you be prepared. We handle wills and trusts to make your estate planning suitable to your personal situation and provide peace of mind to you.

Ensuring that your estate is thoughtfully and carefully planned out and then executed is where we at Thompson Law Group can assist you. The complexity surrounding the moments when the estate is read and executed is incredibly sensitive, our service and expertise help make it just a bit easier with clear and thought-out planning.

In Georgia, when someone passes away without a last will and testament, the Georgia Probate Court will determine who inherits all assets in the estate. The factors that determine the outcome include whether or not there is a surviving spouse, parents, or other relatives, and can take months if not years for a resolution. We help our clients and loved ones avoid such an outcome with thoughtful and strategic planning.


The Importance of a Living Will & Health Care Proxy

A living will and health care proxy can be helpful to your family in the event that you are in need of medical treatment but are no longer able to make decisions for yourself anymore. A living will is a legal document that specifies how far medical professionals are allowed to go in the case of a life-threatening condition. It can also include information on your wishes for organ donation and pain management. 

 A health care proxy is a legal document that gives a person the ability to make medical decisions based on your wants should you be unable to do so. Health care proxies are also known as “health care surrogates,” “durable power of attorney,” and “durable medical power of attorney.” A  health care proxy is important to pair with a living will as not all medical situations can be accounted for in a living will. 


Estate Security With Thompson Law Firm

For over 40 years our firm and a team of attorneys have been assisting our clients with their estate planning needs. Having a current last will and testament is crucial to avoid your estate being held up and handled by the local government.

At Thompson Law Group we know that you want your loved ones to be cared for and the process of your estate handled with care and compassion. This is where we have knowledge and expertise handling delicate life events such as estate planning.


Our Estate Planning Process

Whether in a movie or through personal experience, we’ve all seen what types of delays, heartache, and frustration can occur when there hasn’t been the proper estate planning. Here at Thompson Law Group in Suwanee, we will ensure this isn’t the case for you and your loved ones.

Our attorneys will assist in the following;

*Establish a valid will

*Identify an executor

*Determine if a trust is appropriate

*Set up Advanced Directives

No one truly knows what the future holds, but having a plan certainly helps. The effectiveness of a proper estate plan takes place by ensuring everything is kept up to date. As time goes on, your estate plan may change through life events and financial decisions. We ensure our client’s estate planning is current and kept up to date.

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