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When it comes to construction projects, there is typically a lot of money involved, and whenever there is a high financial concern, there needs to be clarity in the expectations and contracts. That’s where The Thompson Law Group can help.

Contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss your construction project. Involving experienced construction law attorneys early in the project is a wise move to help reduce your risks.

Construction Law Experts

For more than 20 years, the attorneys at The Thompson Law Group have been successfully representing clients with many different aspects of construction law. If your company builds, manages, or finances construction projects, it is imperative that you have experienced construction law attorneys to consult with for each project.

Call the lawyers who have worked on landmark cases in construction law. Call The Thompson Law Group today.

What Is Construction Law?

Construction law can be a fairly complex area of law involving any legal issue related to the construction of a building or structure of any kind. It’s important to note that legal issues that may arise can fall under local, state, or federal laws, so it’s essential that your attorneys be versed in all areas of applicable laws and statutes.
For example, federal laws involve such issues as workplace safety regulations, employment laws, and more. States may have another set of rules and regulations for safety and environmental issues and cities and counties may impose ordinances, zoning restrictions, and other regulations that need to be addressed.
There are many different areas that play a role in construction law. Legal issues can arise from a multitude of areas such as workplace injuries, construction defects, financing agreements, and other contract issues all the way down to inadequate planning, zoning, or permitting.
At The Thompson Law Group, we specialize in many different areas of construction law including these practice areas:

  • Surety law
  • Bonds
  • Insurance
  • Construction contracts
  • Planning
  • Commercial law
  • Employment
  • Torts
  • Litigation & appeals

Construction law can be a fairly complex area that involves many different aspects of construction and engineering. This practice specialty can include everything from initial contracts and bonds to bankruptcy issues.

We represent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, property owners, developers, insurance carriers, and anyone else that plays a role in the construction industry. Our attorneys can help you navigate the legal challenges that can arise in construction.
We represent our clients throughout the duration of their projects beginning with the development of binding contracts, assisting with the maze of regulations, resolving any and all disputes that might arise during the project or afterward.
Our legal firm has a reputation in Atlanta for success. This is not only a reflection of our years of experience, industry-related knowledge, and skill but our strong commitment to remaining accessible and responsive to our clients.
When you need help with matters pertaining to construction law, call The Thompson Law Group. We work hard to get you results.

Why Choose Thompson Law Group?

Choosing the right lawyer can be an anxiety-provoking experience, but when it comes to construction law, you can rest assured your case is in excellent hands. There are a multitude of reasons for calling the attorneys at The Thompson Group.

Experienced- with more than 40 years of negotiations and litigation experience, you won’t find many lawyers in the country with better expertise around construction law and surety law. Our attorneys have participated in landmark decisions.

Expertise- Whether you are dealing with a construction law case, a medical malpractice claim, a case against an insurance company or a personal injury case, you want attorneys with the legal expertise to handle your case. We have the legal minds that your case needs.

Other Considerations When Hiring a Construction Attorney

Far and away, the most common type of legal issue that arises during a construction project involve financial issues. There are times when the project can run into problems and go over budget which can lead to payment disputes. Sometimes, businesses refuse to pay due to unmet expectations.

When these legal disputes arise, both parties have options to consider such as suing for breach of contract, placing a lien, etc. Your construction law firm should be able to appropriately recommend which solution best fits your situation

Also, keep in mind that government projects often fall within the purview of construction law. Bidding on a government contract means you have to pay close attention to the specifications of the project to ensure compliance. The problem is that some of the laws applying to these projects tend to change. This simply means it’s important to get experienced construction lawyers involved earlier in the construction process than later to ensure your protection and to minimize your risks.
We’ve helped clients from all around Florida including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg. When you need attorneys who are experts at surety law, call the Thompson Law Group. We’re here to help.

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